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10 Must Have Apps for Sales in Fields

Today we offer you our version of the top 10 Salesforce mobile applications, which can help sales and service employees complete their tasks and stay productive even where they are away from the office.

1.     Apptus

Apptus CPQ allows you to manage prices, quotes, discounts, incentives, proposals and other sales documents. You can quickly find products and services and craft even complex configurations, generate quotes and proposals, close deals etc. It has built-in analytics and intuitive workflow, so the sales reps always stay involved in the company’s business processes no matter where they are.

Starting at $35 per user/month.

2.     CamCard

CamCard is a professional business card reader and scanner, which allows you to quickly capture any card, recognize it and save it to your smartphone. You can exchange e-cards with people at trade shows or seminars, as well as share them with your colleagues, set reminders, add notes and other important information. CamCard also offers other useful features, for example, it can notify you when and if your contact has gone to a new company or was promoted.

Starting at $10 per user/month.

3.     Conga Composer

Conga Composer is an application for document generating and reporting. It allows you to create and deliver documents, presentations and reports in different formats for any standard/custom Salesforce object. You can create personalized templates and use them in order to be more productive and avoid errors.

Starting at $18 per user/month.

4.     Conversica

Conversica automatically contacts, engages, nurtures, qualifies, and follows-up with leads via natural, two-way email conversations with no human intervention required. It is an automated sales assistant, which identifies the hot leads faster via human-like email conversations, allowing your sales team to focus on contacting leads who have an expressed intent to buy. It reaches out to all your Internet leads, determines which ones are ready to buy, and alerts a sales rep to call. Conversica allows to create more opportunity without wasting time on nurturing fruitless leads.

Contact Conversica for pricing.

5.     DocuSign

With DocuSign mobile app you can send, sign and approve your documents. Sales reps can prepare and send documents for a signature, and get instant visibility of document status directly from his/her mobile or tablet when they are away from the office or even offline. You can put “Sign here” tags into your document to guide signers and speed up the signing process. Notification service helps you to track when a document has been completed or when a document is waiting for signature.

Offers a Free Edition. Individual version starts at $7.50 per user/month.

6.     Geopoint

Geopoint is a geographic searching app, it can locate any Salesforce data on Google maps. Sales reps can use Geopoint for planning and executing travel plans – building routes, optimizing them and saving them to Salesforce. They can also create leads, accounts or other types of Salesforce records just from the map. You can easily search any data, using a rich set of boundary data from the Geo Library. Sales reps can also use check in-out service – all their locations will be documented in Salesforce and associated with the corresponding record.

Offers a free trial. Starting at $27 per user/month.

7.     ServiceMax

ServiceMax Mobile allows service representatives to get full access to all necessary customer information, like accounts, warranties, product and pricing information, driving directions etc. Service reps can get a calendar view of work orders and associated tasks, which is extremely important when planning your day. ServiceMax provides warranty and installation information, parts availability on stocks, and other information people needed to meet customer needs and to be highly productive. ServiceMax supports any mobile device and can be configured in accordance with your service process.

Contact ServiceMax for pricing.

8.     SmartCloud Connect

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce is a cloud application that provides full access to Salesforce data from email messages or calendar events on your smartphone or tablet. If you use Exchange as an email server, you only need an OWA app or web-browser to get insight from business data associated with a specific email or meeting – contacts, leads, accounts, opportunities, cases, orders etc. You can search for any Salesforce record, create new or edit existing records, use Chatter, set follow ups, save emails and attachments – all without leaving your email/meeting. SmartCloud Connect also syncs Salesforce data, such as contacts, activities and tasks to your native mobile applications, as well as support recording emails or attachments to Salesforce from any email client.

Offers a Lite Free version. Pro version starts at $15 per user/month.

9.     TaskRay

TaskRay is a project management application. You can plan work quickly and efficiently, even with geographically distributed teams. TaskRay supports any business process with easy customization and integration with other Salesforce objects. Advanced features include cloning, repeating tasks, bulk actions, private projects, and more.

Starting at $23 per user/month.

10.  TinderBox

TinderBox allows sales reps to create consistent proposals, presentations and contracts from any Salesforce object. You can deliver trackable documents online, receive real-time notifications via text, email and Chatter, and gain visibility to engage prospects. TinderBox helps sales teams sell smarter and close deals faster. Optimized for mobile and integrated with Salesforce1, it provides your prospects with a consistent selling experience and enables your reps to sell anywhere, from any device.

Contact TinderBox for pricing.