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How – To | Use CHATTER and Get an Easy Way to Cooperate with Your Colleagues

Enterprise social shows steady growth during the last few years. Due to popularity of Facebook and other social networks, people communicate more and more with each other, – share photos and thoughts, make friends, searching for jobs etc. – in this virtual world. Many researches reveal that people who actively use social media in their personal lives are more likely use it in the office. This rising trend pushes companies to implement respective software in business and integrate it with corporate legacy systems.

Enterprise social software platforms can provide many helpful features like user profiles, chats, wikis, groups, threads, file storages etc.  Numbers of organizations use social platforms to support communications in sales, service and customer success departments, as well as to organize interactions with customers or cooperate with partners.

During enterprise social software implementation companies often face two common problems – lack of integration with existing business software and low user adoption. That’s why Salesforce provides its own enterprise social platform – Salesforce Chatter – which is tightly integrated within Salesforce. Chatter allows users to form a community within their business that can be used for secure collaboration and knowledge-sharing. With Chatter employees can share files, form groups, share questions and answers, do polls and more. steps further and offers SmartCloud Connect – Salesforce integration for Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail, which allows the performance of daily business tasks without leaving the users familiar software (email client, calendar, task application etc.) and switching to Salesforce. We’ve also added Chatter integration to the solution to support the most valuable Chatter features. Here they are:

1) Post messages into Chatter feeds from inside an email or meeting.

With SmartCloud Connect you can post messages or share your thoughts with colleagues in Chatter right from inside an email or meeting. Salesforce provides the possibility to have separate feeds for every business object, so you can post messages to any feed directly. By having this ability, your sales or service team members can communicate with each other more quickly by reading or writing emails without jumping to another window.

2) Share emails and attachments through Chatter with colleagues, adding them into Chatter feeds.

How often do you forward important emails to your colleagues? Now you can share emails or attachments by posting them directly to Chatter feeds and thus avoiding long threads which are tough to follow and record to CRM. With SmartCloud Connect you can save emails to Salesforce, for instance, by adding messages or attachment as well. You can also choose which attachments are relevant for saving and which are not.

If you deal with tons of emails, meetings and tasks, get a Salesforce account and use Chatter (or seeking for enterprise social), then you should try SmartCloud Connect!

Using Chatter with SmartCloud Connect decreases internal email traffic and allows sales teams stay connected at all times.

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