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Percentage Improvement Calculation | How SmartCloud Connect helps to benefit more from Salesforce and boost productivity of Your Team

Starting the implementation of a new CRM project every business have concerns about when its investments will be paid off. It doesn’t matter how quick the project goes to production and how many revenue you get if you still spend money on ineffective operations in non optimized processes. You can have much profit if you calculate estimated ROI before the project starts based on historical data and expected project costs and then compare it with your company performance, which you want to get after project implementation ends.

Today we share our basic indicators for SCC ROI calculation, which we collected from our customers – early SmartCloud Connect adopters. Using sales performance data before they implement SCC they were able to calculate the major improvements they’ve got after the implementation.

Shortening deal closure time by 25%

SmartCloud Connect speeds up the sales process from the first contact with the prospect to signing a contract and closing a deal.

Most influencing factors:

  • Ability to access important business information from anywhere – desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet – gets faster development of fruitful relationships with clients.
  • Context-related business information provided by SCC eliminates tedious data searching and copy-pasting.
  • Tracking every step of the sales process allows you to identify unpromising deals faster and get rid of them more quickly, thus spend more time on pushing “good” deals.
  • Follow up accurately and immediately on each customer request, motivate prospects to move forward with a deal faster.
  • Enterprise social network integration allows spending less time on internal communications and speeding up the overall sales process.

Increased sales productivity of 18%

SmartCloud Connect raises the productivity of sales teams and allows them to make more sales operations leading to deal closure. SmartCloud connect provides a comprehensive set of features, which helps to:

  • Eliminate data double entering – there’s no need to switch constantly between email client and Salesforce for maintaining data. Once your sales rep creates or edits a contact in Outlook, all changes will immediately transfer into Salesforce.
  • Avoid data loss – more accurate recording of customer data by your sales reps due to automatic field pre-population, an easy and clear way of adding any information to Salesforce from the Inbox.
  • Interaction on the go – is a real timesaver if your sales reps work in the field. All relevant contextual dependent customer business information is available on any device, ready for browsing or updating.
  • Calendar integration – no more missed meetings or calls, sales reps have all events between Salesforce and the calendar app synced and up to date. Easy to create sales activity without entering Salesforce. Easy to link an event or activity with business records from inside Outlook calendar or Calendar app.
  • Using of mail templates for composing emails – allows you to create emails in corporate style, just by selecting the right form. No searching of content or personalizing it before sending – the process is automated and easy to perform.

Boost CRM utilization of 24%

One of the most painful problems while implementing a CRM system is further usage of the system. Poor CRM utilization leads to poor CRM adoption by users and eventually killing an entire project. SmartCloud Connect solves this problem by providing the ability for users to work in their familiar environment and maintaining CRM data, at the same time assuring fast business data growth and their quality.

Growth of CRM business data  – by record type per day in %:

Contacts – 34%

Leads – 25%

Activities – 28%

Emails – 40%

Opportunities – 18%

Cases – 15%

Other objects (average) – 12%

Overall CRM usage increase – 24%

Contact us to calculate YOUR ROI!  We will calculate your personal SCC ROI based on YOUR sales and service performance data! We will help you get deeper insight of ways to improve your sales and service processes with SmartCloud Connect and we can guarantee, it’s worth every penny you’ll pay.

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