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InvisibleSolutions Takes Part in the Salesforce World Tour 2016 to Introduce the New SmartCloud Connect for

InvisibleSolutions, the global leader in integration solutions developing, takes part in the Salesforce World Tour (March 24 – Chicago, April 7 – Boston) to introduce the new release of SmartCloud Connect for

With SmartCloud Connect users easily bring to their Inbox and work with any CRM objects right from their Inbox. SmartCloud Connect helps  in closing more deals and providing best in class customer success management.

With SmartCloud Connect users can easily:

·       Find any Salesforce object right from the Inbox;

·       Record emails, including attachments, to Salesforce;

·       Create leads and contacts in Salesforce in one click;

·       Synchronize Events, Meetings, Tasks and Contacts;

·       Use Chatter to keep the team up to speed;

·       Customize business data

“We are excited to be working with InvisibleSolutions and, through the Microsoft Office Store, offer customers seamless integration that puts the power of enterprise information right at their user’s fingertips,” 

-said Brett Shoemaker, Director, Go-To-Market Services, Microsoft.

InvisibleSolutions has launched a couple of great features especially for the Salesforce World Tour. Now users have a great opportunity to:

·       Log a call into Salesforce from the Inbox;

·       Automatically track when a recipient opens email;

·       Create follow ups right from the Inbox;

·       Use Salesforce letter templates while writing emails in Outlook;

·       Get customer insight from Social Media

InvisibleSolutions is offering a free plan for SmartCloud Connect to access all Salesforce data from Outlook and synchronize up to 250 records. To enjoy full customization support and to synchronize up to 10K records users can choose the Professional Plan. A simplified installation process will help users to set up SmartCloud Connect with just a few clicks.

“We have many years of experience in providing integration solutions with a high level of functionality and feature set for customers. Our aim has been to make the cloud based SmartCloud Connect the best user-friendly application to bring into the Inbox. We have gathered feedback from thousands of customers and, based on them, improved SmartCloud Connect. Now you can install this software in just a few clicks and get this unique valuable set of features in order to work smarter.”

-said Vlad Voskresensky, CEO, InvisibleSolutions.

Come to the Salesforce World Tour on March 24th in Chicago and April 7th in Boston to meet the new SmartCloud Connect for best in class Customer Success Management and to know more about our new features.

About InvisibleSolutions:

InvisibleSolutions is a technology provider of tools engineered to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprise applications by seamlessly integrating them into the way business people work every day. These tools enable users to work with their customer and corporate information, without leaving their favorite communication applications – Office 365 and Gmail. For more information visit us at


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