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Five Typical Mistakes of Sales Managers

In spite of the fact that lots of similar help-lists are so scholastic this one is based on my own theoretical and practical experience which is really important concerning sales process as art of talking to people.
Read lots of sales books and blogs? Still, noone can’t guarantee high KPIs in reports from CRM. Only thousands of hours spent in communication with potential buyers melded with good self-educational skills can make it.
Enough for intro, let’s go to content which is the KING as you might know.

1. ‘Smile-less’ voice: you don’t want to sell – I don’t want to buy

Obviously you wont buy anything if sales speech is like he has ran couple of kilometers before calling you: current attempt to sell product seems to be followed by thousands of unsuccessful ones. On the contrary it’s great if sales manager believes and uses (the most important) stuff he sells.

How to deal with it: Be confident about product and smile while you’re talking, it helps! Your buyers can really feel it.

2. No coordination in sales team

Guy you’re calling to will mock at your company or just won’t talk at all if salesmen are too annoying. It could be okay in case of specific strategy but typically such situation is caused because you didn’t have information that someone from your team has already contacted this prospect.

How to deal with it: Use full power of CRM which was created not only for generation of reports for your manager but also for tracking your activities and getting insight about lead/contact before calling or texting. Spending lots of time in Outlook emailing prospects? Try to use some tools for integration of CRM into Outlook.

3. You don’t know product perfectly

Could you tell about pros and cons having hazy knowledge about product? It’s very difficult to demo or present product in this case. Also prospects are interested in cases when your offering could be useful for them. Only basic knowledge of product can’t provide good view to lead’s problem thus won’t lead to sale.

How to deal with it: be active user of product you sell and/or have strong knowledge of product specifications.

4. Selling ‘in one shot’

Have you got a dream to sell in one call or email? Cool one. Frankly, it’s a philosopher’s Stone. Selling is hard work and art, so there is no strict algorithm, ‘silver bullet’ email or message.

How to deal with it: be familiar with business of your prospect, ready to different scenarios and don’t forget to track your selling flow to CRM – it’ll help during next phase of negotiations.

5. Talking about life not business

Guy at that end of wire could be your pal and great man but still not interested in your offer. He could save the planet but not buy product.

How to deal with it: be sure that getting closer with prospect will help to sell eventually. It’s not an easy way but you could guide talk about life closer to area of product to sell with the high level of loyalty which is wonderful.

I hope these five points will help you to sell smarter. Thank you for reading this blogpost and remember that not features sell product but salesman. Better salesman.

Looking forward to hear from you in comments!