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New Age for Sales – Stay Free and Work from Anywhere!

Last IT market trends shows that people – especially in sales heavy enterprises – use more mobile devices than desktop computers. Mobile phones and tablets are now changing the business and dictate new game rules for choosing the right IT strategy. Companies actively implement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or moving forward it, changing the way how people work with corporate information and applying new policies.

For sales people it means they can more use their personal mobile devices and thus be more mobile and active.  In this new reality they can manage contacts and deals being on the road or visiting client on-site.

For companies applying BYOD has lots of benefits. Managers stay online and available for urgent customer’s requests even in off-business hours. They don’t need laptops or any other corporate device, so it significantly cuts the costs on IT infrastructure.

But without right software people will be just limited with their email and calendar applications and can’t access corporate data. Some companies are developing their personal in-house applications, but most of them are moving to the cloud and choose SaaS applications.

The main attraction of SaaS applications that they can provide only necessary features to your sales people, thus they are easy to adopt. They don’t require buying of costly hardware because of using cloud storages. They need lower initial costs, since company doesn’t need to start big IT projects, but just subscribe users step-by-step, controlling investments and ROI. They also easy to install, maintain and upgrade; they easy scalable and don’t require increasing of IT staff.

From the sales people point of view it’s also a win-win strategy: they can use their familiar devices for completing their everyday business tasks; all enterprise data available from mobile devices are actual and up to date; people are mobile, they don’t need to be tied to the office and can be more productive; and, in fact, last studies shows that employees in such companies which have already applied BYOD feel themselves more comfortable and happy!

BYOD is changing life to the better. You need only to choose right software, which support your strategy and allows to provide all new benefits from implementing it for the company and employees.