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How to Improve Your Sales Performance in 10 Days?

What excelled a year ago is not good enough today, no matter what industry you are in. Today, we need ways to increase sales perfomance and – achieve higher results immediately.  Quick as thought, new competitors emerge, customers’ needs grow or change, similar products are launched – the sales profession moves faster every day and you have to work smarter to ensure your survival.

Here are some basics to become more successful sales professional in 10 days.

Stop planningStart doing

You may be great at planning, but that does not mean you will achieve your goals and become a successful sales person. The most successful people are entrepreneurs, because they (usually) make things happen. If you spend most of the time planning, you have no time for execution and generating new leads. Start planning your week on Friday evening and spend no more than 30 minutes on this process. If you have a lot of meetings, record them in one place. For example, you can connect Salesforce to Outlook to control your events from Salesforce within your mailbox. 

Live by the 80/20 Rule

Twenty percent of what you do will produce 80 percent of your results (the Pareto Principle). First, ask yourself – what brings the result, or the final sale? The answer will be very easy – communication with potential clients. Minimize time spent on unnecessary tasks: internal emails and meetings, duplicate actions, especially “copy-pasting” information to CRM.

Take 10 minutes, write down all the processes that are at 80% right now. Figure out which assets you can minimize so you can better focus on the 20%.

Research before each meeting with potential clients

Knowledge is power. Why do so many sales people have difficulty closing big deals? Because they often know very little about their potential client’s personality. Before arranging a meeting with the person who makes the decision, find all possible information about him or her, their family, and their company. Use not only your CRM, but also social media, reports from professional events, feedbacks from colleagues to prepare for the negotiation. Then you can set up the positive emotional connection while in the meeting by highlighting any client’s personal benefits of the product and how it relates to their daily lives.   

Use active listening at work and while the meeting with clients

Develop your listening skills. This may seem overly simple, but many employees could excel quicker by listening better. The most successful sales manager is not the one who talking constantly, but the one who is able to listen and make the best decisions based on what they heard. When it is your turn to speak, use each opportunity wisely by ensuring your questions/responses are relevant and motivating. Sort out your client’s problems and be able to offer more than just your products. Let him feel his need to buy is greater than your need to sell.

Use sales productivity tools

Some sales performance software can dramatically simplify sales person’s job. We are not talking about just CRM. Your boss likely lives by the “if it is not in Salesforce, it never happened” rule. But who has the time to “copy/paste” every email into Salesforce? To make your boss happy, and have all information about your clients on your fingertips, use CRM integration to bring Salesforce information directly into your inbox.