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The Importance of Synergy Between Inbox and Sales

Are your email habits slowing down your sales? Are you missing on leads? Forgetting to follow up on prospects? Are your marketing and sales departments working on different programs and not communicating properly? Then you are missing out on sales and creating a lot of ‘busy work’ that is costing you money.

It has shown that the average salesperson spends about 30 hours a week answering emails. On the other hand, we also know that sales are closed over the phone or in person. Sounds like not good use of their time, doesn’t it?

What is contributing to the fact that the sales team is so busy with their emails? As a sales person, you should be on the go, but the nature of the job makes it challenging to keep on top of every customer interaction.

So your sales team is slower than you want it to be when it comes to following up on proposals or scheduling face to face meetings.

If that is the case, you have to streamline your emails. And it’s time to branch out from doing business from your office. It will really help you prioritize your day if your emails were prioritized for you by the program, saving time and enabling you to do other things.

Marketing teams are told to engage prospects through different means of communication and do it more than once. Sales teams are told to engage customers and know where in the sales funnel their deal stands. Customer service people are told to react quickly and engage with customers because today it’s all about customer service. Most of it is done with the use of emails.

In today’s world, a synergy between Inbox and sales is a must. Being able to streamline the process for you and your teams will have a great effect on your sales.

How is a Synergy Done?

By integrating the CRM you are using with your Inbox. Suddenly the Inbox has a wealth of information about the prospect, the buyer or the client. With very few clicks you can see the history of communication and everything your teams have noted. All that without having to go from one program to the other. Smart integration between email, calendar, and note taking cuts the clutter and enables a quick and accurate reaction.

Since we know that poor use of productivity is the biggest thing that holds sales back, fixing the inefficient process will make it easier on your teams to cooperate and bring the process to a successful conclusion.

Here is What Synergy Can Mean to You:

  • Quickly push leads to CRM
  • Control your leads – There are different approaches for determining which lead is to be followed. You will have control over those rules and set the parameters for a hot lead.
  • Bi directional input – Everything you input in one program will appear in the other. No more cutting and pasting communication from the email program to the CRM.
  • Clean your leads – removing duplications. Duplicating data leads to inaccurate reporting and confusion between teams, and creates confusing communication.
  • Making marketing efforts visible to the sales team – Who and when was the email opened? Did this prospect watch the webinar you’ve arranged? The integration between marketing and sales becomes easier when everyone can see what the other department did.
  • A complete and reliable sales records so you can learn from the past.
  • Real time information that can help you change course before disaster strikes.
  • Client interactions are consistent and measurable.