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SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce Announces the First Install-Less Client for Android, Unveils

Mountain View, CA. — September 28th, 2017 — SmartCloud Connect by, a leading five-star rated AppExchange and Microsoft Office Store, enterprise-class cloud integration and automation platform, announced today its premier install-less actionable, AI-data driven, reinforced release for Salesforce in Microsoft Outlook on Android.

With this update, SmartCloud Connect now provides full access to the Salesforce environment from Inbox & Calendar, empowering Sales, Service and Marketing teams to perform their daily business tasks effectively and with ease to maximize their productive time.

This latest update is without a doubt the next big step in the world of mobile integration for It is the first extendable native Android integration software of its kind, meaning that does not require installing yet another app on your Android device.  SmartCloud has made it as simple as just adding it onto your existing email client. Salesforce Admins can independently enable the add-in for all their users without requiring updates or user involvement throughout the installation processes.

All existing features of SmartCloud Connect for, loved by users of Office 365, Exchange and Gmail clients are now available on Outlook for Android users, including the ability to:

  • Create and update Salesforce business records directly from iOS Outlook (including custom records and fields)
  • Automatically synchronize Contacts, Emails, Calendar events and Tasks
  • Share Contacts, Emails, Calendar events and Tasks with Salesforce from a smartphone
  • Edit shared Contacts, Tasks or Calendar appointments on a smartphone
  • Automatically share changes with Salesforce
  • Create follow-ups
  • Post to Chatter feeds
  • And more.

The app also provides its users with intuitive auto-generated suggestions and observations in their daily tasks routine, using machine learning and AI techniques.

The recent version of SmartCloud connect for Salesforce is already available through Salesforce AppExchange or Microsoft Office Store. Current users of SmartCloud Connect do not need to reinstall or update the add-in; all new functionality will be instantly updated and become available in both Office365/Exchange and on your Android device.

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