The issue of Artificial Intelligence that is very hot today was raised back in 1950, when the famous Turing test was devised. In essence, a computer’s task was to imitate human responses in communication with a human to the degree that the person couldn’t tell they had been interacting with a machine.

Today, AI software doesn’t need to take Turing test to prove it really is smart. The proof of its effectiveness lies in being able to understand, process, take appropriate actions based on the data provided and learn from its “experiences”. AI is quickly gaining traction in business as it has put a start to the next generation of business processes in the crucial areas – sales, marketing and customer service.

Feel apprehensive remembering the sci-fi movies about AI taking over the planet? At the current stage of its development, there’s no need to worry – it’s far from being capable of doing that. What it can do though, is act as an incredibly smart assistant for the human employees, helping to boost sales, improve marketing ROI, refine service and achieve more personal and relevant customer experience. This will quickly reflect on the revenue graph going upwards. What’s more. the growth should be consistent, since AI is capable of learning and self-improving.

By this point, you must be anxious to see some real-life example of AI software and its potential for your business. So, meet SmartCloud Connect 2.0 – AI-powered solution for Salesforce that will help leverage the data already stored by your CRM for improved performance and increased profits.

In one of our previous posts, we discussed the benefits of using AI for Sales. Today, we are going to show you a couple of scenarios of how SmartCloud Connect AI can be used by Marketing, Sales and Customer Service/Support.

Discover The Connections Network Inside Your Team/Company

It’s a well known fact that contacting a lead after a recommendation coming from a person they trust works much better than “cold” calling/emailing. Thanks to its mailbox indexing functionality, SmartCloud Connect AI creates maps of a company employees’ interaction with personas from other companies, a kind of corporate LinkedIn.

Why it is useful?

  1. It helps spot the right person to reach out to a specific lead/introduce an agent to a lead based on their connections, which significantly increases the chance of closing the deal successfully.
  2. It estimates the connection strength based on the response rate. Interactions with a direct email to response ratio are considered stronger than those where the number of emails sent considerably exceeds the number of responses received.

Smart Suggestions

AI can act as an agent’s personal assistant or advisor by identifying the steps or actions to be taken in order to drive the deal towards successful closure. It can make suggestions based on the contents of an email from a contact. For example, if a quote or a meeting is mentioned in an email, the system will offer to create a corresponding task or book a meeting etc. This saves time for manual data entering, plus reduces the number of lost or protracted deals because of mere forgetfulness.

Related Case Info

A good assistant anticipates the question and has the answer ready before they are asked. The same goes about AI by SmartCloud Connect, which offers its assistance to customer support agents:

  1. Once a support request comes in, the software provides data on the latest case from this customer (if any), which eliminates the need to search for this info and facilitates issue resolving.
  2. When a customer mentions a specific case in an email, this case info is automatically presented to the agent right in their mailbox.

Smart Opportunity Alerts

The AI software is capable of identifying different types of issues with a specific opportunity and alerting the corresponding user about them, along with suggesting possible solutions. The most common examples would be opportunity moving too slow/too fast/lack of reactions etc.

This is where all the accumulated data on previous sales activities and the sales funnel comes in handy. The system analyzes the info on successful sales, compares it to the ones in progress and signals a user when anything is going wrong. Since AI is constantly “self-educating”, the accuracy and relevance are expected to improve continuously.

Smart Support Cases Alerts

Similarly to the above mentioned feature, SmartCloud Connect powered by AI spots and signals about potential problems with the support cases, like a too long response time or lack of emails with updates to a customer when an issue is in progress.

Such functionality immediately attracts the attention of support reps to the “danger areas”, which they might have otherwise overlooked, being overwhelmed with the number of requests to deal with.

Ai-powered Marketing Campaigns

Marketers know that the right segmentation is the crucial element of a campaign’s success. With SmartCloud Connect 2.0, marketers receive the tools to create numerous well-targeted social media campaigns. Moreover, the software offers suggestions to add contacts to a particular campaign – right from the inbox email, without any hassle.

These are just a few basic examples of the numerous scenarios of using AI for Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. They can be customized to cater for the needs of a specific client and offer virtually endless possibilities in improving processes in the crucial business areas.

Surely, AI is not a magic wand, and it will not solve all your business issues from the set off, but implementing it will be a huge leap forward in the direction of a miraculous transformation.