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How to Embrace Revenue Generation with Pipeline Marketing & ABS

Account Based Marketing/Sales is taking the B2B world by storm and literally turning the pipeline upside down. More and more companies realize that traditional lead generation means flushing resources down the drain in 99% of cases (according to Forrester).

Account based model offers a client-centric approach to focus all marketing and sales efforts on the remaining 1% – a narrow group of accounts that can make the biggest impact upon your company revenue. ABM drives Marketing and Sales alignment, indispensable for identifying and targeting the key stakeholders within an account. The result of marketing and sales working in sync on reaching the common goals are drastically improved customer experience and engagement.

Download The Ultimate Guide on How to Implement Account Based Marketing/Sales with Salesforce to learn:

  • key tactics used to deliver impressive results in ABM/ABS
  • essential elements of an effective ABM/ABS strategy
  • which tools can help manage your 1:1 Account Based Marketing/Sales at scale using Salesforce CRM
  • scenarios of using AI driven software by marketers and sales agents for top efficiency with ABM/ABS

Embrace ABM tidal wave and get started by downloading the free e-book now!