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Dreamforce’ 17: 48 Hours of Innovation at a Glance

It’s hard to believe that Dreamforce 2017, one of the most renowned and anticipated events in the IT world organized by Salesforce, is over.

Our team headed by our CEO, Vlad Voskresensky, was proud to present SmartCloud Connect at the biggest software conference across the planet (171,000 attendees and over 10 million online viewers from 91 countries). It was a great chance to learn about new trends, reconnect with friends, evaluate competitors and have fun at the Dreamfest. It was then that we started seriously regretting the impossibility of cloning, which would be the only way to attend all of the “can’t miss” events on our schedules.

The four days packed with sessions, insights, hands-on trainings, presentations, talks by celebrities both in IT and the real world (Hollywood, actually, but we’ll get to that later) left so many impressions and so much to reflect on that it is only now that they’ve been put into words and are ready to be shared.

So, here is a short recap of Dreamforce 2017.

Artificial Intelligence is driving the 4th industrial revolution

Dreamforce has made it clear that AI is the future of each business, regardless of size, and, according to Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO, it’s  “the future of all Salesforce applications.”

Salesforce unveiled numerous updates on its AI platform Einstein and introduced myEnstein – the machine learning platform that allows creating AI powered apps without coding, simply by clicks. Such democratization will make AI more accessible and focus on letting everyday users build artificial intelligence functions, like predictive algorithms or chatbots without the need for a special skillset.

The AI experts agree that AI is a powerful tool for handling complex tasks, building a sequence of actions to take in order to pursue a set goal and an indispensable instrument for businesses that value their data and want to make use of it.

Salesforce to partner with Google

As two leaders in their spheres have announced strategic partnership, Salesforce customers can expect smarter experiences. Thanks to integration of Google Analytics 360 and G Suite into Salesforce core, companies using the world’s #1 CRM will have access to complete consumer analytics including marketing, sales, and advertising data for better understanding of a buyer’s experiences across all touchpoints.

Salesforce expanded and more personalized

Salesforce offers its customers sophisticated features for a more refined tailored experience. It includes the opportunity to customize each user’s experience using specific business content and branding in myTrailhead, mySalesforce app, myLightning, myEinstein and myIoT.

Inspiration from Hollywood celebrities

Wondering what Ashton Kutcher or Natalie Portman could be talking about at the software conference? Very important and relevant things, it turns out. Ashton Kutcher, a co-founder of Thorn, the mission of which is to fight human trafficking of children and exploitation using technology, was very emotional in his talk emphasizing that it is humans who make technology a force for good – or for evil.

Natalie Portman delivered a speech as part of the Equality Lineup titled “The Path to Equal Pay,” and shared how pay disparity between men and women is directly affecting her in her job as an actress and what she’s doing to fight it.

Dreamforce ‘17 provided all of its attendees with countless opportunities to grow, develop, connect and be acknowledged. Startups had the chance to make their pitch and win an investment opportunity, attendees could donate their time and/or money to helping others, students caught their opportunities to learn new things in coding etc.

The SmartCloud Connect team is happy to be moving in the right direction by implementing the power of machine learning and AI into its product. We are proud to have been a part of this iconic event and we’re looking forward to Dreamforce ‘18 to showcase our new innovations for Salesforce.