Integrate your IBM Notes with your CRM, ERP, HRM or any other corporate
system and increase productivity of your business users

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Employees spend 28% of their time on average checking and responding to email. Another 19% of time is spent searching for and gathering information, according to McKinsey research. These two tasks, email and information gathering, account for an amazing 18.8 hours of a 40-hour week. If you could reduce that time even by a few hours, think of the income-producing activities that could replace less productive administrative tasks!


We, at Invisible, specialize in integrating IBM Notes with CRM, ERP, HRM or any other corporate enterprise software and would be glad to explain how to increase efficiency and success of your teams. Integrating IBM Notes with corporate class systems is a natural alliance for increasing productivity.

What you get by utilizing our offering

  • Increase productivity of your Sales, Support, Marketing, Finance, HR and other teams by integrating your corporate systems with your IBM Notes applications that users use in their day to day life using our technologies
  • It doesn’t matter what solution/platform you are using and looking to embed into IBM Notes. If it’s one of the systems thatwe already have a Product on the market for – we can help you implement and customize a ready solution. Otherwise we can provide you with a custom solution based on our technologies. There is no development from scratch. We have a Platform (used by vendors like Oracle and SAP) which help us to enable, not develop, develop any integration you need.

What we offer

  • Get your CRM, ERP, HRM or other corporate system integrated using out-of-the-box or custom solutions from Invisible
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency of your business users through melding your enterprise systems with IBM Notes
  • Get implementation services from actual developers of the integration applications with the proper experience and expertise
  • Guarantee results and increasing utilization of your CRM, ERP, HRM or other corporate system

Don’t settle for custom development that will have a tremendous cost of ownership and will lack stability and quality. Using our Products and Technologies gives you IBM Notes integration that’s been approved by many corporate ISVs, is the best in class and has been tested by thousands of users across the globe.