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Melding vs Integration

The difference between good integration and perfect integration is whether or not you notice it. The ideal integration system moves fluidly, following the habits and expectations users already have. When it comes to creating a perfect integration system it’s not about simply connecting environments and synchronizing data, it’s about preserving the native look and feel that lets people work the same way they always have. This should happen automatically, with ease and simplicity, that’s why at Invisible we say “Don’t change the people, change the software!”

Don’t change the people, change the software!


Our Approach

Though our technology was originally developed to serve as client-side Desktop architecture, it quickly adapted to include server-side cloud stacking to fit the growing market needs for multi device storage systems.

As market trends continue to change we are constantly improving our core platform to work hand in hand with those needs while keeping the following in mind:

  • Maintaining a fully documented and open API
  • Providing all essential development tools
  • Increasing user satisfaction through a fully customizable interface
  • Developing environment compatibility to keep up with all latest updates
  • Following a “building blocks” approach while ensuring high quality and reduced final solution cost


When designing our technology we value security with the highest level of importance and follow the latest best practices to ensure an industry-standard level of protection for all sensitive customer data

  • Secrets (tokens, passwords) are additionally encrypted
  • Customer data is NEVER stored on our infrastructure
  • Data protection – tenant and data isolation, in-transit and at rest encryption
  • Support of latest authentication mechanisms
  • Constantly pass independent security scans and static code scans by world-trusted vendors

Scalability has a strong focus on reusable components in our technology offerings. We provide:

  • Numerous connectors for Enterprise applications and Personal environments
  • Versatile Synchronization engines which hold the intelligence to share information between various platforms
  • Customization mechanisms to provide ease of solution adoption from vanilla to very specific customer requirements

This allows us to deliver turn-key products that are Enterprise-level ready and fit from small to extra-large deployments. Our solutions are built to work independently or along side Enterprise systems vendors.


Our products are already a part of the product line of Oracle and SAP, and trusted by their numerous customers. They share our core platform components that allow them to embed their systems into Microsoft Outlook and other personal user environments. Similar offering for your Enterprise system could be.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Considering integration of your Enterprise system with Personal tools? You are in the right place!

Understanding APIs of Microsoft Exchange Google Apps and other Personal tools, cross matching of business data and logic, jumping through the ropes of specifics of various email clients and writing custom code for integrations requires a developer with significant skills and training. While these skills may be already present within your organization, using them for developing integrations may take them away from other mission critical tasks, such as developing your core software product or solving deployment issues for major customers.


In overall, building such integration yourself could cost you much more than you originally planned. And with over a decade of experience building such integrations, we are here to solve your problems without costing you a larger budget or valuable members of your team.


It’s also important to consider how you are going to manage the entire lifecycle of any given integration solution. Gartner Research estimates that 90% of the overall cost of any custom-created software comes from the maintenance and support of the application over time, as opposed to the initial development. This is as true of integration projects as it is of any other. offer includes lifetime updates and support of all the new releases for Personal tools. We take care of everything, insuring you’re always on top of the latest trends.

learn-more-icon-5[1] offers shorter deployment & faster time to market with reusable components allowing you to integrate your system to all Personal environments that your customers use.


Focus on the main things in your business and let us cover your back when it comes to integration with Personal tools

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