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Acceleration Platform RevenueGrid

Products and Services offers a diverse array of technology aimed to blend Enterprise and Personal environments.
Dozens of ISVs around the globe (from giants to early-stage startups)
rely on our technology set or its components.

Cloud-based SaaS integration into Microsoft Office 365

Personal cloud-based or purely SaaS offering for Microsoft Exchange integration

Desktop add-in technology to meld your system within Outlook UI and data

Browser extension-based technology to merge your system with Google Apps

IBM Notes-based platform, tightly integrates your application with IBM Notes in a way that users even don’t see the difference between the two applications

Technology that enables data-driven decisions made based on data in your system and real-life communications within Inbox, Calendar, Chats and Phone

Cloud-based offering which brings your system value to your users though the most popular messengers (Slack, Facebook, Telegram and others)

Solution which allows access to documents from your system as a corporate repository via the Windows folders

Powerful technology offering which provides bi-directional full sync between various environments available through either desktop or cloud-based offering

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