Innovations for Productivity: SmartCloud Connect for NetSuite

Increase your NetSuite user adoption by seamlessly integrating it with the everyday tool of your team - Outlook, Office 365, IBM Notes and Exhange

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The concept of SmartCloud Connect for NetSuite is very straightforward – let your users fully utilize the power of your ERP while still living in their inbox & calendar. Some of the values are:

  • Manage NetSuite data and link Outlook items to NetSuite
    records directly in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Manage calendar entries, emails, contacts, accounts and other NetSuite record types directly in Outlook.
  • Work with ERP data form your mobile devices. Get access to
    your ERP accounts and other record types right from your Iphone/Android device using native Outlook.
  • Synchronize data. Perform bidirectional, incremental synchronization between NetSuite and MS Outlook/Exchange.
    This synchronization helps keep your ERP data up-to-date and consistent.

Who we are?

Invisible is technical partner of Oracle and we provided a platform that Oracle Outlook\Office 365 integration solutions are built on. Now we
are happy to help NetSuite customers like you increase your NetSuite user adoption and data quality using our solutions for Outlook\Exchange\Office365 integration. We propose a complimentary JumpStart Offering – a small engagement during which we will help you to identify exactly how SmartCloud Connect for NetSuite could be utilized at your company and all that is needed to make it happen.

What we offer

  • Get your NetSuite integrated with MS Outlook using SmartCloud Connect.
  • Get implementation services from the actual developers of the application with the proper experience and expertise.
  • Increase your NetSuite user adoption by exposing ERP data to users in MS Outlook.
  • Work with the professionals who have successful track record of ERP to MS Outlook/Exchange Integration implementations.
    Get results, guaranteed.

We offer you a free program called JumpStart that allows you to:

  • Get expert advice from the actual developers of the software around what’s possible or not with the application; about its’ features and technical details or any other questions about the application you might have.
  • Get an estimate of an implementation project both in terms of timeline and in terms of a budget based on your NetSuite
    customizations and business requirements. This estimate is free and you will get it even if you do not decide to hire us for your Implementation.