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SmartCloud Connect – Your Personal Sales Adviser Inside Your Inbox

SmartCloud Connect for Salesforce is a cloud application that offers Office Add-In – a smart portal embedded into your personal software and available from inside your email or calendar. In addition to Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce synchronization, it provides a virtual window for the user within an email client such as Outlook or Office 365. The window appears seamlessly in Salesforce and synchronizes business information between multiple systems.

SmartCloud Connect powers your mailbox with Salesforce Contacts, Activities and Meetings synchronized transparently and bi-directionally. Doesn’t matter if you use Microsoft Outlook, OWA or any other mail client or device connected to Microsoft Exchange: the data is available for you.

Here’s how SmartCloud Connect makes you productive:

  • Contacts

Your key Salesforce contacts will be placed in newly created Business Contacts folder in Outlook or Office 365. You will always know who is calling, since Contacts Application on your phone already has this information. You can see additional Salesforce fields in your Contact Notes, or open Salesforce Contact with a hyperlink in the contact card.

Add new Contact or update Contact details, and have this data in Salesforce in seconds. Share existing contacts with Salesforce in one quick step: via adding “Salesforce” category or moving contact into Business Contacts folder.

Select from Salesforce only Contacts relevant to you by defining Salesforce View filtering criteria.

  • Calendars

Your Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange calendars will be in sync so your schedule is under control and you will never miss important meeting or call.  Just add “Salesforce” category to share the event with Salesforce, and have it always up to date in both systems. SmartCloud Connect links meeting with all attendees in Salesforce by carefully identifying Contacts or creating Leads in Salesforce for you, so logging of activities happens in no time. Your Salesforce meetings are available on your mobile phone or tablet too, synced with Calendar application of your choice connected to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.

  • Tasks

You don’t need to switch between Salesforce and your task application to figure out your daily plan – all tasks will be put in one place, in a joint task list which combines Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange tasks. You can share a task by adding “Salesforce” category to it, or moving it into Business Tasks folder. When you complete a task in Salesforce or Microsoft Exchange, it will be automatically marked complete in all connected applications.

  • Record emails and attachments

You can save important emails and attachments into Salesforce with SmartCloud Connect. Just add the “Salesforce” category or drag and drop it into Business Emails folder – next sync session will save your email to Salesforce and link with related Contacts or Leads automatically.

What applications/clients are supported?

SmartCloud Connect works on ANY mail client as long as mail client connects to your Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Here is short list of supported devices and applications: Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web Application (OWA), iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Even without SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In you have lots of possibilities to get and update Salesforce data right on your application, tablet or phone.

You don’t have to install any specific add-in or application, just use Mail/Calendar/Task application of choice and have ALL SmartCloud Connect features by hand – whether it is Contact app on iPhone or Android, Task app on iPad or any other tablet, etc.

There’s no need to install any application on Microsoft Exchange either, so your IT team does not get disturbed.

How it works?

You activate synchronization after registration in SmartCloud Connect wizard, and start getting Salesforce data instantly.

SmartCloud Connect Dashboard helps you manage filters, check errors and suspend/resume synchronization.

Upon activation, SmartCloud Connect pre-configures your mailbox by adding “Salesforce” category and creating folders for business contacts, tasks and emails.

You can also sign up for SmartCloud Connect Office Add-In, which adds most useful Salesforce tools right to your email or meeting. It also provide you a range of intelligent tools that increase your productivity, help to convert leads into opportunity faster and boost your sales.

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