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An Entirely Revolutionary UI Spins Salesforce and Inbox\Calendar Integration to Adaptive Transformations, Unveils

Mountain View, Calif — July 18th, 2017 — Today unleashes the edgiest adaptive UI in Salesforce and Inbox\Calendar integration, reinventing its Salesforce AppExchange and Microsoft Office Store five-rated product, SmartCloud Connect, from the ground up.

Designed to complement the leading edge innovations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Smart Cloud Connect transforms the way Salesforce users interact with their Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange integrations on every possible touchpoint.

Along with a breakthrough user interface that replaces the traditional static row of Salesforce users functions, SmartCloud Connect has revolutionized what smart UI is and how it can be productive. The new turned up adaptive sidebar, now paves the road to innovation for businesses workflows of all sizes fromsmall to enterprise.

From now on, Sales Executives, Marketing managers, Sales reps, Support and Customer Success specialists and every other business roles, all get completely unified and extensive views of their relevant business objects coming from Salesforce, due to the information valued and relevant to each specific email, appointment,  business case and workflow.

The revolutionary adaptive UI of SmartCloud Connect bridges customers, leads and prospects information for the entire team due to each specific company LOB, in one place. It enables sales teams to do more significant deals faster. Along with the intelligently suggested observations and advice, sales reps get the exact context they need to close ongoing deals automatically. With relevant marketing-related dynamic data, marketing teams attain more qualified leads, nurture them and convert, without spending extra time on filtering which data is relevant for them and that which is not. Smart up-to-the-minute 360° dynamic view of any appointment or email, makes  your service totally equipped with the right instrument to raise client’s satisfaction, while lowering the client’s satisfaction price.

“There is approximately 300 emails which lands in my Inbox every day. Around another 100 are flying out from my Outbox. Part of it is personal correspondence, part of it is sensitive and should reside in my email storage only, but big chunk of these emails are related to something, which our Salesforce takes care of, that’s why proper integration between my Email client and Salesforce has always been vital for me” – says Vlad Voskresensky, CEO of “But none of these emails and threads are the same; they all have their own specific context. So I was always asking myself – why does my Salesforce integration look and behave the same?  That is why while redefining and reinventing our SmartCloud Connect we took the best from the existing connection between Salesforce and Outlook/Office 365/Gmail and spiced it up with an AI-driven deep understanding of the context as a user would.” – he continued.

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