We take integration to the next level

Need integration of your system with Office 365, Exchange, Gmail or IBM Notes?

Invisible.io technology makes enabling such integrations as easy as 1-2-3, and our wizard will guide you through the process.

  • Sufficient API from your system
  • Understanding into what environments you want to embed your system
  • Vision how the data should be mapped between your system and targeted environments

Our Plans


Synchronize Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Emails

Record Activities (Emails/Meetings/Tasks) to your system

Side-bar UI with main productivity features:

  • Contextual access to defined objects from Enterprise system (for both viewing and editing)
  • Track & Save Email/Meeting to your system
  • Search Any Record in your system

Application ready for Office Store/G Suite Marketplace

In-depth search of records in your system

Streamlined deployment (no installation needed)

Number of synced records: Up to 5000 records

Synchronization interval: Every 4 hours

Support of Office 365, Exchange 2013+, Outlook 2013+ and Gmail

Windows, Mac, Android and iOS


flat per active user/month



per 100 API calls


Everything in Business

Side-bar UI with advanced productivity features:

  • Manage Custom Types
  • Save Email/Meeting Attachments to your system
  • Customize Fields, Layouts and Filters
  • IP telephony
  • Share free slots in Calendar when scheduling events
  • Using email templates from Corporate system

Support of SSO

Guaranteed uptime SLA

Connector developed for your system

Personal Cloud deployment option

Number of synced records: No limits

Synchronization interval: Every 30 minutes

Support of earlier versions of Exchange/Outlook,
IBM Notes

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